Dot Matrix?


I just took the Pentagram’s “What type are you?” quiz (found via How About Orange. The password is: character). It is kind of funny because you listen to a video of a “psychiatrist” who supposedly interactively analyzes your answers. My choices resulted in Dot Matrix. Not at all what I would have expected. I think I’m a bit envious of Jessica, who got Universe. David took the test, too, and ended up with Courier. Not what I would have chosen for him, either, but turns out he loves Courier. Go figure.

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3 thoughts on “Dot Matrix?

  1. I am pistilli roman. If I spelled that correctly?!! It does look like me… I love time wasting quizs… thanks for sharing!

  2. Greta, I think that pistilli roman is a good choice for you, too. That is kinda funny!

  3. The cards are awesome!
    Also, have you seen the movie Helvetica on PBS. I know nothing about fonts and found it super interesting.

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