Colorado Renaissance Festival

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We’re in Colorado. Marcy, Baby Lorenzo and I arrived late Friday night. On the way from the airport we saw signs for the Colorado Renaissance Festival, so that’s where we went on Saturday, along with my sister-in-law Liza and her son Paolo. I hadn’t been to one of these since I lived on the east coast, back when I was a kid. My favorite things were gnawing on a roasted turkey drumstick, cheesecake on a stick, and seeing all the eccentric people in their period costumes. Other highlights included rides (for Paolo), a petting zoo, a juggler, a fire eater, fencing, madrigals, belly dancers, instumentalists and a “Joust to the Death.” I also treated myself to this silver necklace as a token of such a fun day.

The Grand Entrance

A Juggler

Marcy & Baby Lorenzo with Knight

Paolo modeling a pirate hat

Paolo & Liza on a swinging ship

In the petting area

Fire Eater


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One thought on “Colorado Renaissance Festival

  1. I just love such festivals! One of my wishes is to wear one of those costumes myself, they look gorgeous.

    And Emily, I tag you. 🙂 If you wish you can play along (check my weblog to see what to do).

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