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While on a walk with Barkley last night I noticed that one of our favorite houses in the neighborhood was going up for sale. The previous owner was walking to his car just as I approached, so I was able to introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. Sadly, the house is smaller than I’d hoped, only a bit larger than ours, with 2 bedrooms, one bath, and a one car garage. Plus they are asking one of the highest $ per sqft in the neighborhood. Sigh. I guess when you know your house is this cute, there is no need to start pricing at the bottom.

What I love about this house is its mid-century modern lines. To some people, this building is probably no better than a track house, but to me it is so elegant, with a charming simplicity. There is such potential with regard to our style of living and sense of aesthetics. I love its flat roof, high vaulted ceilings and huge picture windows facing the sunny, landscaped backyard. If only it was bigger (and if only we could afford it)! As it is, I only hope that the next owners appreciate it and care for it as well as the previous owner did. He said it was perfect for when he was a bachelor, but now that he’s married, they decided to find somewhere with more space. I can’t blame them. With our growing little family, I already wish for the same thing.

Photos taken from the rmls website.

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4 thoughts on “In Our Neighborhood

  1. I LOVE that house! I’d be all over something like that. Of course, we’d never fit in it, but that’s beside the point,right? 🙂

  2. LOOOVE THIS HOUSE! mid-century modern is my current favorite style, and while we bought a 20s home that we love i have been collecting tons of mid-century furniture, fixtures and every day pieces. have you checked out they focus on mid-century and she would probably post this house which could help it find some good owners who would keep it mid-century! sorry i am a house freak!

  3. I can see why you like this house, there’s something really appealing about it to me too. Congratulations on your baby too, that’s wonderful and so terribly exciting news.

  4. A lovely house; and backyard, I would love to have one like that myself! If I could, I would have one-story house too because steps take so much precious space.

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