Maternity Shopping 101


The morning after we shared our Big News with David’s family, Sandy (David’s mom) took me for my first foray into the world of maternity clothes. I had just reached my first trimester, and because I was still under my pre-pregnancy weight, I could still fit a couple of my largest pants with a rubber band through the button loop. However, even I agreed that it might be time to see what was out there.

The shop we ended up in was called Motherhood Maternity. It wasn’t a big place, but it had the kind of packed in feel that usually overwhelms me when shopping. I remember initially feeling lost without David there to help me “see” through the compact racks of clothes (I rarely shop without him). I shouldn’t have worried though, because Sandy stepped right in. She claimed us a dressing room and immediately began to sort through the possibilities.

In many ways, I’m not very fun to shop with because I tend to wear simple basics, and mostly stay away from prints or too much color. Sandy was great though. She didn’t get offended on the pieces I declined, yet continued to find me nice items I would have missed, like a good-looking pair of khaki twill pants, and a feminine printed top that I normally wouldn’t have tried, but ended up loving.

Each dressing room contained a cushion attached to a velcro strap that you could fasten around your waist to show what you’d look like 3 months down the road. Whoa! Seeing that pillow stuffed into my waistband really put things into perspective. My little pooch is downright petite compared to where I’ll be at the end of summer, and I’ll be getting even bigger throughout the fall. Knowing this helped me to decide that maybe the “secret fit belly” waist panel was not such a bad idea (even though I originally thought they looked weird). Turns out comfort and fit really does makes all the difference.

By the end I was pretty tired, but was rewarded with two simple tees, two nice looking and comfortable pants, and the printed tank top. All mix-and-matchable, nice enough to wear out, but comfortable enough to wear in. I am surprised to find how happy I am with each item. Thank you Sandy, for making it such a good experience!

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5 thoughts on “Maternity Shopping 101

  1. Whoa! thats a great Idea to have the little “tummy” for you to test how the clothes will look/feel in a few months!

    Glad you had a successful and, most importantly, enjoyable shopping trip!

  2. i never knew or thought about the pillow “tummy” they have for future reference. what a great idea.

    nice job with the mother-in-law!!

  3. MANY happy congrats to you – what an awesome journey.

  4. You should checkout Gap and Old Navy. They have very stylish and comfortable maternity clothes. The prices are very reasonable. I dont’ know why maternity clothse have to be so expensive. You’re only wearing them for a few months.

  5. You know the one thing I would recommend to you in terms of different items – here we call them body wraps by a brand called yummy mummy. It’s a black tube thing that you put over the tops of your pants or skirts to kind of extend it I guess if the best way to describe it – super useful. I actually only bought mine for my second pregnancy, it goes over the top of your clothes so it’s not underwear. If you’d like it I’d be happy to send it to you as I won’t be using it again. Let me know, I’d be happy to.

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