Self-portrait Plus


I took this photo of myself in the window of our Honda Element yesterday. We were parked near the Wilson River. Chloe is secured to my back in her Beco carrier eating a graham cracker and I’m carrying a bag with things to entertain us by the river (a magazine, snacks for Chloe, extra lenses, etc).

I’m kind of throwing the idea around of taking a weekly self-portrait, the challenge being that it would include more than just me. I’m thinking it could include someone else (likely Chloe, or David or Barkley) or a sense of where I’m at when the photo is taken. It would force me to deal with the kind of logistical issues that come with taking that kind of portrait, where I won’t have a lot of control, and making do with what is around me. Not to mention getting over the fact that I rarely ever like how I look in photographs.

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3 thoughts on “Self-portrait Plus

  1. Yea for Elements!! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  2. I think it is a lofty goal and one I would encourage. I too enjoy the challenge of the self portrait. I am amazed at how much I don’t like myself in photos… so there’s something about trying to capture the part of yourself that you see… make sense? Anyway, I would LOVE to see more of your photos…shoot away!

    And out of curiosity which lens is currently on your camera?

  3. Good luck perhaps you will inspire me I would love to do a 365 project I am not sure of the subject yet. Maybe I will start on my birthday this year…

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