Words cannot express how awesome this movie is. The story is one we can all benefit from and the visuals are outstanding. It is simply something that you have to go experience for yourself. And I mean Experience. The 3D effects kept making me say “Oh my God!” over and over in my head. And don’t expect the included RealD glasses to be last generation’s flimsy red lens/blue lens cereal-box junk either. They are actually surprisingly comfortable black plastic, and lightweight enough to make it through the entire movie. Just be sure to recycle them in the designated bin when your done. And don’t forget turn your head for a peek back at the rest of the audience wearing their goofy black glassess, too. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Go see AVATAR

  1. There seems to be 3 different versions of this. Did you see the Avatar, Avatar 3D or Avatar IMAX 3D? I was wondering if the “regular” one is not good enough.

  2. I saw the 3D version while we were in Colorado which was really terrific. The story and action is definitely good enough to hold its own without the 3D, but it makes for a much richer and exciting experience. Plus I’m a dork and think it was fun to wear the glasses and see everyone else wearing them, too. Let me know what you think, if you do see it. 🙂

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