December flowers

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December already? We are in dire need of some Christmas shopping! But honestly, this year I feel almost completely out of ideas. It may have something to do with our extremely tight budget or my lack of motivation right now. I tend to be a procratinator anyway. I would love to make a few gifts, but excluding the few things I made for Chloe’s birthday, I haven’t touched craft supplies or my sewing machine in months. It also seems like the neat projects I’d love to give are just so time-consuming and impractical right now. Ah, well. At least we have Christmas cards already (bought end-of-season last year). Whether we get around to sending them is another thing.

We’ve been enjoying some surprisingly sunny weather for this time of year. Cold, but sunny, which is fine with me. Even now there are a few flowers remaining in the yard. I’m especially pleased by the little yellow suntini which have bloomed non-stop since we planted them this spring. Pretty much maintenance-free and always cheerful. We’ll definitely plant them again next year.

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