Random tidbits – mostly about Chloe


Chloe’s favorite toy recently? Bras. As many as she can carry. There was a small pile on the hamper waiting to be washed, but now they are on the floor in almost every room of the house. Thanks Chloe.

We went to see Zoolights (thanks Freddis for the free pass). It was really something and I can’t believe I’ve lived here almost nine years before checking it out. Due to work schedules we had to leave before riding the train, but it will be something to look forward to next time.

I made blueberry scones. Chloe ate the remaining blueberries and made the biggest mess.

Chloe had her one-year check-up last week. Normally that would mean 5 vaccinations, but since she was also due for her H1N1 booster, the doctor suggested splitting them up. It was sad to see her wearing four bandages, two on each leg. It seems like a lot of torture for a little girl, even if it truly is for her own good.

At the check-up we found that Chloe’s dropped a bit farther down the charts to the 3rd percentile, even after all my efforts to fatten her up. Again the doctor said he wasn’t worried, but did suggest we get a blood test when we come back for her remaining shots to check for iron deficiency. Not looking forward to that.

I’m reading Mommywood. Not a book I’d ever think I’d read, but it is actually pretty good. I’ve always found Tori Spelling to be a bit…unusual, but I saw an interview with her somewhere recently that intrigued me. In real life, I doubt we’d find much in common, but her writing about motherhood mirrors a lot of my own experiences as a mother. Not the having money or fame kind, of course. More like the conflict between having to work, yet having that time take me away from my daughter, the hope that we won’t repeat the mistakes of our mothers, and the desire to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids who have the tools they need to live the lives of their choice (although I wouldn’t mind at all if Chloe decided she wanted to be an architect).

I went to see New Moon last night with some friends. Yes, judge me if you must, but I thought it was very good, and better than the first one, definitely. Makes me want to reread Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, even though I’m not a big re-reader. I guess I’m just a sucker for romance and adventure.

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  1. Love tidbits! New Moon next weekend soooo excited! I am a sucker too judge away Love Twilight!

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