Brownies from Scratch


Last week Marcy made brownies from scratch. I don’t know why, but that seemed like a foreign concept to me (though I was certainly impressed). Me, who loves to bake and is willing to make anything from scratch. Why hadn’t I ever tried it myself? Because my mom always made them from a mix? What a minute, she almost always baked from a mix. Or maybe because there are so many delicious mixes available (Trader Joe’s Truffle Brownie mix comes to mind) and it is so easy to keep a box or two in stock. I just don’t know. But I was inspired to try it myself a few days later. I had forgotten to get her recipe, but I did find this simple one. And although I didn’t add the full amount of flour, and had to cook them almost twice as long because of that (why can’t I just follow the directions like normal people?), they turned out marvelous. I also added a large handful of chocolate chips. Just like the chocolate cake recipe, the quality and color of the chocolate you use will affect the results. Mmm!

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5 thoughts on “Brownies from Scratch

  1. I love my brownies with milk. My favorite parts are the corners. I’m a little weird, I like mine a little burnt.

  2. mmmmmmmdroooool. I love brownies, but they are something I rarely make.

  3. I would love to have one piece of those. Yum!
    I am not a fan of prepared mixes because I can never know what is really inside.

  4. My friends and I just discussed the box vs. homemade the other day. We made Irish Cream Brownies for St. Patty’s day, the recipe instructed how to make them from scratch, but time and patience led us to the box, oh well…we’ll make them from scratch someday! Your success makes me a little more confident!

  5. mmm, these look great.
    tom and i will give these a go today!

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