Dear Chloe, 1 year old


Dear Chloe,

You are one year old today! Happy birthday my love! What a journey it’s been, especially for you!

As of today, you have two bottom teeth plus a pearly sliver of a top left tooth. Your eyes have lightened just a bit from previous months, but are still that smoky grey that is unique to you. Although active crawling is your main form of transportation, just this week you’ve begun to amaze us by briefly standing up on your own, and even taking a few tentative steps. You love to walk holding onto one of our hands, and will reach out in an unmistakable way to let us know that is your intention. You point at things, you babble, and your smiles never fail to make me smile, too.

Some things you enjoy in particular right now: feeding yourself, bath time, opening drawers, going outside to play, unrolling the toilet paper, petting Barkley, watching the fascinating antics of other babies and kids, and exploring anything new that you haven’t been able to play with previously.

Another big change this week is that I think you are beginning to wean yourself. At bedtime and during the night you are fine to nurse, but during the day you are usually not interested. Since you are underweight and small for your age, it concerns me a little. You drink very little and barely take a sip of formula or whole milk whenever I offer it. You are beginning to eat better though, so I’m trying to be as smart as I can with what you’ll eat.

To celebrate your birthday today we went to the zoo.  You were a little tired because we got a late start, but you really liked the trout exhibit, the playful otter, the lorikeets and especially the baby elephant swimming and splashing in his pool. Lucky for you we got a family pass with some of your birthday money so that we can come back again and again.

Thank you, my dearest little Chloe, for bringing me joy, teaching me patience, and giving me the miraculous experience of motherhood. I love you SO much, and just know that the upcoming year will be full of adventure for all of us.


Chloe Stats at 1 year: Height 2’4″ (15%) Weight: 17lb 6oz (3%) HC: 17.52″ (31%)

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7 thoughts on “Dear Chloe, 1 year old

  1. Happy happy birthday sweet Chloe!!

  2. Happy day to you all. Congrats on your first wonderful year of motherhood!

  3. Happy Birthday Chloe!

  4. Happy Birthday little one!

  5. Yay!!! Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Chloe (a bit late, I know, but I hope it still counts)!

  7. I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I’ve linked to gift tags/labels that you designed. The post is located here There is also a text only post for slower connections just below it. Thank you for sharing your art so freely. I would love it if you would let me know if you have designed other tags or labels that should be included. And please, by all means, share this post. Stamp out store tags! 😉

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