Crazy Robin Update


So if you happened to read the previous post, I thought I’d mention that yesterday the Robin decided to transfer it’s affection to our neighbor’s car. But not for long. Yesterday evening it found it’s way back to our vehicle…again. This morning we’re watching it flutter on the car across the street. I’m telling you, this bird just won’t quit.

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5 thoughts on “Crazy Robin Update

  1. That’s so funny. Maybe the Robin just loves looking at it’s reflection.

  2. That is so bizarre.

  3. That is one intense little bird!!!

  4. I had to laugh reading your post today. What about if you try to cut out a silhouette of a bird (try to use black paper) and stick it on the window?

  5. I just read your story about the Robin. I have been searching the internet this morning to find out about this type of behavior in Robins.
    For the past two days there is a Robin in my yard that keeps flying up against my windows on the patio. At first I thought it was getting spiders from the corners. Today I awoke to this thumping sound over and over again and realized it was the Robin hitting the window. It lands on a chaise lounge close to the window and just keeps throwing itself from lounge to window. I am afraid it is going to kill itself as it hits pretty hard. I too have massive amounts of poop all over the lounge where it lands! My windows look filthy where it keeps doing this. I’ve scared it away over and over and it just keeps coming back and doing this. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Anyway, I just wanted to share this in case anyone else has this happening. Not sure what I’m going to do if it continues!

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