The Most Amazing Buttermilk Chocolate Cake *Update*


I made this buttermilk chocolate cake again this past week. A perfectly wet and dreary week called for a little bit of baking to cheer the place up. Although, not wanting too much of a good thing, I decided to halve the recipe this time and used a 9×13 glass pan at 330 degrees instead. Then I sliced it in half and squared the edges for a double-layer cake. The ganache frosting got poured directly over the top with just a little smoothing at the end. Nothing too fussy, just simple, chocolatey goodness.

Here are the two layers after cooling and squaring the edges:

Here are the slices that were removed and ready to nibble:

The final cake, after dripping the chocolate ganache frosting down the sides and smoothing the top:

The very first slice – dark, gorgeous, and utterly delicious!

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16 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Buttermilk Chocolate Cake *Update*

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  2. this is such a yummy recipe I cannot wait to bake it up again… maybe Larry’s birthday…it is soon~

  3. OMG, that looks sooooo yummy and gooey!

  4. cool sideshow !- will have to check out goodwidgets

  5. I don’t usually like baked/cooked chocolate but this one looks really yummy. Good idea on the half-recipe. With just two of us here, it takes a week to finish a batch of baked goodies or cake.

  6. I can’t wait to make this chocolate cake. First thing I see when I open your blog!

  7. How did you divide it into 2 when the recipe calls for 3 eggs?

  8. I honestly can’t remember, but I likely just used 2 eggs. However, if you were particularly concerned you could beat two eggs together and remove a spoonful.

  9. Why cant I see the slideshow??
    I am gonna make this cake this weekend!!

  10. This is beautiful and is next on my list to bake!! Thank you for sharing- I love to bake with buttermilk- makes everything so moist! 🙂

  11. Your cake looks fantastic; will definitely try it out as soon as possible.

  12. i just made this cake (cooling as we speak; house smells DEVINE!) and did the 9×13 version. I noticed that mine puffed up in the middle, while yours (in picture) was flat. How did you achieve that? I want to know for the next time I try making this cake. Thanks!

  13. I use theWilton bake strips around the pan and it bakes everything evenly so no dome middle! The were 9.00 for a 2 pack at wal-mart

  14. I would like to add sour cream to make it even more moist. When should I add it and how much?

  15. I’ve baked so many chocolate cakes and I must tell you that this recipe is by far the best! It is unbelievably moist, the next day still moist. My children wanted to eat the whole cake in one sitting. I finally found my go to chocolate cake! Thank you for sharing!

  16. We make all the time now and LOVE it! Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. To the previous poster that wants to add sour cream to make it moister…..I truly cannot imagine this any moister! It is just divine! Thank you for sharing about halving the recipe!

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