More neat things I can live without

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I just opened a Design Within Reach mailer (who knows how long it’s been sitting on my desk), and I was struck by a few things that really wowed me. Now, I am a practical person, so none of these things are going to make my Christmas list (unless there exists a parallel universe in which I am rich and already have everything else I really want), but I thought I’d share them here. Because it’s free to do that.

Hakutan Coal Air Purifier
– According to the web site, this is “white charcoal”, made from Korean oak, that is clean to the touch and naturally purifies the air without the use of chemicals. Can you believe that? After it stops working you can crush it and add it to planting soil. I love that it looks like a wood sculpture. I’d keep it on my desk. Also shown are the Chikutan Coal Water Purifiers which are also white charcoal, but made from Japanese bamboo, which “absorbs impurities from beverages.” You can stir a glass-like stick “in tea, water or alcohol to give it a cleaner taste.”

These Wax Crayons in a Box appeal to me in every way. They are beautiful, useful, natural (pure beeswax and pigments), foster creativity in a multitude of ways (from drawing, layering, and etching to even melting!) and come in a sweet wooden box. I’m guessing they don’t break as easily as Crayolas do, either. These would be seriously cool if I was a true artiste.

Japanese Masking Tape
and dispenser. How fun are these? And how do the Japanese make everything so darn cute? I’d buy these if I saw them at Ikea, because that is probably the only place where I could afford them. There, or at the dollar store!

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One thought on “More neat things I can live without

  1. I am in love with that box of wax crayons. Oh if only I had $60 to waste! 😉

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