Hobo Slouch Bag


This is the bag that I mentioned was giving me such trouble. I call it my hobo slouch bag, modeled after one I saw at Target recently. It kills me to think that this bag was selling for only $9.99, and that it cost me more to make (not to mention the time!), except that I didn’t like any of the prints it came in. What I did like was it’s size and super long strap that could be worn across the body or tied in a knot to shorten. My version is very soft and lightweight, almost like a pillowcase, but sturdier. There is a lined magazine size pocket on the outside and smaller pockets inside for my phone and camera.

Besides drafting the pattern and the actual sewing, the hardest part was finding the solid grey fabric to match the side print I wanted to use. Greys are so tricky! They tend to be either too blue or too brown. In the end, the fabric for this bag came from 3 different fabric stores. Not very fuel efficient, I admit, but hopefully useful and re-usable in the long run.

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13 thoughts on “Hobo Slouch Bag

  1. Well done! I like it, especially the colors. I think that it is no matter that you spent more money on it than you would have in a shop as long as you are satisfied with it. Sometimes I do the same but I am never sorry.

  2. I like the bag. The sewing is very good. 🙂 Even though it often does cost more to sew items today, I think it’s worth it because you can get the colors you want and you can design the item to be just what you want, like you did with this bag. And yes, sewing takes time, but that’s just fun! 😉 😀

    Happy Sewing!

  3. I really like this bag! Love the fabric choices!

  4. It looks fantastic! It may have cost more, but it’s exactly what you want and that’s what matters.

  5. It came out great– definitely worth the time, effort, and cash.

  6. I have a hard time matching plain fabrics with Amy Butler prints. I sorta wish she’d just do it for us and include a solid or two in each new line. :o) You did a nice job on the bag! I’ve seen those bags at Target, too and wondered if I could make one. But priorities, priorities – I really don’t need ANOTHER bag. :o)

  7. Cute bag! I bet you would like the Amy Butler Swing bag (I mentioned it before).

  8. The bag came out great. I love Kona Cotton solids. They have really nice grays.

  9. Ooh, very cute, I’m so impressed!

  10. Woo hoo, so glad you tried out a bag. I like it and the color choices. 🙂

  11. I’ve been dreaming of bag just like this. Nice job!

  12. I just love the bag you made, and really if you found it at a more upscale store it would cost way more than at Target. I bought one at a tag sale this summer for inspiration and the lady told me she paid $100.00 for it! I am currently making a bag for myself from my own design and I know I could buy it for less at Walmart or any discount store, but mine will be unique and made just for me! Good job sewing and desiging! Cat

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