Replacement Sigg Bottles & Funny Story


If you read this post, you know that we sent our old BPA-included bottles back to take advantage of Sigg’s voluntary exchange program. They emailed us a gift certificate code that we used to choose our replacements, a 1.5L to hold extra water for short trips and a 0.3L kids bottle for Chloe. The funny thing that I really wanted to share was the gift certificate amount shown during check out. I am not making this up, nor did I photoshop any of this clipping except to highlight the amount, but it said that the gift certificate was worth $27,168.87! You can believe that took me by surprise – and yes, for a moment I considered adding to my order. The temptation passed quickly, although I can’t help but wonder whether anyone else decided to work the system!

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4 thoughts on “Replacement Sigg Bottles & Funny Story

  1. I totally missed out on the exchange. I forgot all about it and now, it’s too late. Oh well. That’s funny about the gift certificate amount. I wonder what I would have done…

  2. It would be quite the Sigg Christmas!

  3. apparently this is Sigg’s way of speeding up the process of getting people their replacement bottles. You weren’t the only one tempted.

  4. Thanks for sharing that Lizbeth! I figured it was something, I should have googled it myself after I placed the order weeks ago. I guess I’m not very timely since I just posted it now! 😉

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