Japanese Variety


I seem to be stuck in a procrastination phase. I was hoping to be more productive this weekend, but I don’t think I was. Actually, I can’t even remember how I spent it all. Some of it was watching a few netflixed Alias episodes (great eye candy, although the mini anxiety attacks from all the suspense and drama are rough), surfed the net, a little gardening, attended a baby shower and put together some swap packages. I did get a little work done, too, so that’s good.


Not far from my house is a Japanese supermarket called Uwajimaya. It’s a great place for exotic foods and asian gifts like ceramics, specialty papers, and traditional art supplies. We had an asian theme to our wedding (red tablecloths, paper lanterns, chopsticks, etc) and most of our food was ordered from here. I picked up the packages of candy shown above this weekend for some swaps (as well as some Haribo candy for myself). The whole side of an aisle is devoted to sweets, and of course I want to try them all.

Next door to the supermarket there is a Tokyo-based bookstore called Kinokuniya. Besides their unique office supplies and selection of kawaii, I love to browse the imported craft books. Their fine aesthetic and clean photographic style really appeals to me. Sometimes they’re written in English, too. My budget has pretty much limited me to only looking, but someday I’d love to bring a few home with me. For now I just try and soak up the inspiration while I’m there.

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2 thoughts on “Japanese Variety

  1. I love Uwajimaya/Kinokuniya and am a sucker for those craft books. Since I don’t have Kinokuniya here, I go when I visit San Francisco or I break down and order online.

    Our favorite sweets are the Pocky, of course, and the White Rabbit milk candies, as well as the rice candy. We have a Ranch Market nearby that carries them all. mmmm. I think you’ve put a trip there on my list for today.

  2. We just bought some of our favorites there the other night= chocolate shortbread mushrooms- so yummy.
    My boys are so used to me “just browsing” the craft books, they call it the library. My budget doesn’t allow me to buy the books I want as well, but man do I love to look.

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