Harbingers Of Spring


The weather has reverted to its normal cloudy grey self today. Right now all their little heads are tightly closed against the cold, but this weekend several little blooms peeked out to say hello. David and I both snapped several pictures, hoping to preserve the feeling of joy at these first little signs of spring. Neither the snowdrop or the yellow crocus shown above are ones that we’d planted, so their arrival is that much more pleasantly unexpected.

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5 thoughts on “Harbingers Of Spring

  1. beautiful flowers.

    love your bag in the last post, too. just looked around a little- really enjoyed your blog.

  2. I always love the first signs of Spring! It’s gone back to grey and rainy days here as well.

  3. seriously??? i am so jealous. where do you live again? i hae some shoots coming up but no flowers yet.

  4. i am so jealous! i want little spring flowers!

  5. Hooray for crocuses! I love them. So so much. More than, well, anything I can think of right now.

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