Mother + Daughter Photographs


As the main photographer in my family, it is rare to find both Chloe and I in the same photo. Luckily, a couple months ago my talented friend Greta took some wonderful, keepsake-quality shots of the two of us. And check out that watermark – I am proud to say that her new logo is one of my designs!

Here are just a few of my many favorite captures:

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6 thoughts on “Mother + Daughter Photographs

  1. Beautiful! 🙂
    Yesterday I was searching for a photo of myself that I need for a magazine, and it is so true, that when we are photographers ourselves, we have none appropriate. Unless we are lucky to have a partner who likes taking photos of us. 🙂

  2. These shots are so lovely!! You will treasure these forever. And great job on the logo btw.

  3. Absolutely magnificent defiantly captures the love between the two of you 🙂 The logo is very fitting for Greta!

  4. Wonderful photos – I especially like the last b&w photo. The logo you designed is also lovely!

  5. Love these photos, especially the one with the flowers! Oh, and your baby does NOT look underweight. She looks really healthy!

  6. SO glad that you like the pics…the beautiful subjects didn’t hurt that is for sure!!! Smiles and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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