Chanterelle Season

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With the clouds and rain that mark the closing of summer, comes the beginning of golden chanterelles dotting the forest floor. It was a good day for a hike in the woods, and David was a trooper for carrying Chloe on his back the entire time.

Things I like about mushroom hunting:
•    The thrill of the hunt
•    Enjoying the outdoors
•    Letting the dog run off-leash
•    Getting something for free
•    Knowing that they’ll make something tasty and delicious
Things I don’t like about mushroom hunting:
•    Walking through spiderwebs
•    Possibly getting lost
•    Possibly picking the wrong type (however unlikely)
•    Hearing the gunshots of hunters in the distance

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  1. We’re heading out tomorrow and I can’t wait! I totally agree about the the gunshots. I get paranoid, but since my husband is a hunter as well, he knows how close they are when we hear them and where the hunting grounds are. It’s all worth it though. 🙂

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