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I thought about mentioning my new Norden gateleg table from IKEA in the previous post, but since it is not in actually stored in the office I thought I’d add it separately. David got fed up with not eating at the dinner table because of all my craft and sewing supplies spread out all over, so for Christmas he bought me this.

Although IKEA categorizes this as a dining table, I think it works far better as a utility/craft table. It’s not much of a looker, but as you can see from the image above, there are drop leaves on both sides, which each lift individually. There are also 3 drawers on each side, perfect for storing notions, balls of yarn and knitting needles, and other items that need a home for themselves.

Our 10′ x 10′ spare room is used as the “TV” room, and David uses that closet as his wardrobe (he’s generously allowed me full reign over our bedroom closet. All I can say is that decent closet space was not a priority in the late 1940’s). We’ve squeezed in a futon, a TV stand and two bookshelves into that room, which just leaves the two windows, door and closet accessible. So you can imagine my skepticism when David said we’d find a table to fit.

The great thing about the Norden table is that it folds down to be a mere 10.5″ (x 31.5″). No bigger than a small bookshelf (which we had to take out). When it is not in use it fits my sewing machine perfectly on top with plenty of room to spare. When I want to sew I pull out just one side, and when I want to spread out large sections of fabric or other projects I can extend both sides for a whopping 5 feet (and no, the gateleg does not seem to get in my way with the sewing pedal)

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6 thoughts on “The perfect craft table

  1. you know, I looked at that one. I think it’s great. I’m afraid I’d never take the sides down though since I can’t manage to put my projects in progress away.

  2. I think that looks great. I sew from a corner of our bedroom and that looks a lot neater than my console table, also a lot more room for my quilts. I might have to look into that. Is IKEA available online in the US? Here you have to go to the only store in Sydney which is about 2 hours away by public transport from where we live, so we usually make sure online that the item we want is in stock and take a list of everything we want. But you have inspired me and I really love the drawers.

  3. I am so lucky to have an Ikea within a 10 min drive from my door step!! I have seen this table at the store but did not think craft table, it is a brilliant idea, Brilliant. I have been looking over your site, feeling envious of your talant and your site. I am just learning the ropes of this blogging thing and trying to do the computer work without my husbands help. Hmm, one day I’ll get it together.

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  5. I own this table, and yes, it’s perfect for crafts. It’s suppose to be our breakfast table, but I mainly use it for my projects now. The drawers are long and you can fit a bunch of stuff in em. It’s heavier than I expected though.

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