Living in a Tiny House


David and I love our little house, except that it is just so…little. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how we have an on-going conversation about building an addition. Recent events, however, are again pushing that idea onto the back burner. That is why I was so curious about this article which included the following video about Jay, a man who lives in a tiny house that is only 100 square feet (although that doesn’t include a sleeping loft). Can you imagine?! Also, check out the tiny dwellings at Tumbleweed Houses (shown above). To think, our house is just a hair bigger than the largest “small house” that they make!

Oh, and for all you modern house lovers like me, don’t miss the Z-house. It is so minimalist and cool, but what is with that rusty siding they chose?

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2 thoughts on “Living in a Tiny House

  1. Thanks for sharing this, I just checked out the Tiny Houses site and it makes me feel better about possibly owning a beach house one day, we cold sure live in that if we were by the beach :).

  2. Having a tiny house makes life simpler. Sometimes, I wish our house was smaller (no it’s not big, just average in suburban Portland) but it won’t work with my husband’s love of “stuff”. I’d rather have a big yard which sounds like you have. I remember when we lived in a townhome, it was easier. I knew where everything was, easier clean up, and just more cozy. Anyway, I do love our house. It is one we can grow into but I am always fascinated by people who can live on less. I am always looking for ways to simplify my life so I can focus on more important things like family and friends.

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