Free Holiday Gift Tags


Free Holiday Gift Tags

What happened to this past week? I could swear I blinked and suddenly it’s Monday. I’m happy to report that the working from home business has picked up quite a bit in the last few weeks (thus hardly any real posts from me). However, I was able to whip up a page of free holiday gift tags to share with everyone tonight. I printed the set shown above on plain white cardstock from our laser printer and I have to admit they turned out pretty damn good for such a short turnaround. Hope you guys enjoy them too!

Download the above pdf with outlines or this pdf for a version with cropmarks.

Be sure to check out the other free downloads listed at the top right sidebar if you haven’t already!

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37 thoughts on “Free Holiday Gift Tags

  1. Those are beautiful! Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks again, they are gorgeous! I love all the generosity on blogs during Holiday Seasons!

  3. I like these alot!

  4. these are just beautiful. thank you for sharing them – i will use them, all the way in little old adelaide, south australia. isn’t it amazing to think that something you have created and shared is being used all around the world.
    ps merry christmas

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  6. Thank you for creating these beautiful gift tags! I’ve added them to my mega list of free gift tags on my blog. It is so nice of you to take the time to make these gift tags and all your free printables. Happy Holidays!

  7. These are gorgeous! Thank you so much.

  8. beautiful tags – thank you so much! merry christmas!

  9. Thank you very much for these wonderful gift tags. I featured this blog post on my blog today:

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  11. Thanks – these tags are lovely anytime of the year!

    Creativity if a wonderful thing isn’t it?

  12. Hi Ansley,
    I found your blog through other blogs and have to say YOUR BLOG ROCKS!!!. It is one of the nicest and easy to read blogs I have ever came across. Love the FREE downloads for your readers, you are an inspiration and have learnt several things from you which I will apply to my blogs.
    I have several blogs and one of them is for our Etsy shop called CRAFTY BEE SISTERS. I would like to ask your permission to talk about your blog and also put a link to the Free download for the Christmas gift tags and hello notes. I would fully acknowledge your work.
    You can have a look at my blog at:

    I will keep an eye on your blog. Many thanks, Monica.

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  14. Thanks for sharing the gift tags! Very nice.

  15. very nice.. Thanks

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  18. Rock on, thanks so much!!

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  20. Wow, these are fantastic! And so many of these lovely designs could be used year round… I’ll be linking.

  21. Thank you! These are gorgeous!
    (seen on

  22. Lovely tags, thank you for sharing!

  23. These are great, thanks!

  24. these are terrific – thank you so much

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  26. These are just adorable! I hadn’t heard of PaperSeed until I’ll be linking back to your site to spread the word. Your work is fabulous!

    Merry Christmas!


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  28. These are lovely! Thank you for sharing : )

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  30. Just wanted to say thank you, my daughter and I used some of your tags today.

  31. Thank you! These are beautiful. I will use them this holiday season. Happy Christmas!

  32. Thank you soooo much for these beautiful tags. It is Xmas Eve here in New Zealand. I have wrapped all the presents but have come up short on Xmas tags and these will save the day for me.

    Thank you for your generosity. I am a happy girl !!!!

    Hugs. Christine

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  34. Love these gift tags! Gonna use em this year! Thanks!

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