Scandinavian Midsummer Festival

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Traditional Handmade Wooden Clogs

On Saturday we headed to Astoria to check out the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival (found via Greenclogs). I like any excuse to visit Astoria, located in the far northwestern corner of Oregon, where the wide Columbia River meets the Pacific. I love its history and Victorian homes, seeing the huge ships and smelling the salty sea air. At the festival we sampled krumbkake, prune tarts and krab kakor (nordic crab cake in a sour cream dill sauce, wrapped in puff pastry), browsed the boutique stalls where I picked up a jar of chocolate hazelnut butter and enjoyed a performance from an honest to goodness yodeler. We didn’t stay very long, because I wanted to spend some time in town, but it was plenty of time to get a glimpse into that proud and wonderful heritage.

Chloe in wooden clog boat

1. Flags flowing over the fairground walkway  2. A platter of krumbkake
3. Chloe playing dress up  4. Chloe checking out the giant wooden clog
5. Hand carved traditional wooden wedding clogs

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