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Loving hands – Chloe holding tight to Grandma Sandy’s finger

We’re back. Both David and I had a wonderful week away in Colorado. Now that we’re home, I feel oddly… bereft. It was just so nice to get away. To take in a different scene. And most of all, to share the responsibility for watching and entertaining Chloe. I think that is what I will miss most – having the freedom to walk away from her, and knowing that she was in capable and loving hands. I felt this way when I returned from Virginia, too. If only our parents lived closer, I think raising baby would be so much easier. As it is, I realize that David and I are still very lucky. We have a strong relationship, and Chloe is not a difficult baby. Plus, Chloe has grandparents who love her very, very much.

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  1. What a great photo. Glad to hear everyone made it safely back home and that your visit went well. It is hard to raise a family without family nearby. It truly takes a village at times.

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