Crafting A Greeting Card


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For the past few days I’ve been feeling crafty, so yesterday I sat down at my computer and created a few designs for greeting cards. Nothing fancy, just something sweet and light. The photograph above shows the design I ended up using and I am surprisingly happy with the way they turned out. I think I might even list them up on my etsy shop, which I’ve sadly neglected for so long.

It all started with a trip to Michael’s for inspiration. I hadn’t been there in ages. Eventually I left with a package of Martha Stewart: CraftsFlourish” blank stationery and brought them home to try with my new Canon Pixma ip3500, which came free using a promotional rebate when I bought my imac. I did try using our color laser, but I noticed on the test print (with one sacrificed card) that the heat really warped this particular paper stock.

However, in order to truly fulfill that crafty part of myself, I took it one tiny step further after printing and glued on little cut-out circles for the flower heads. I like how it adds a subtle dimensionality and playfulness. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase more of the blank stationery while I had the chance, because the Michaels’ in my area have run-out. C’est la vie.

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6 thoughts on “Crafting A Greeting Card

  1. I absolutely love these. Definitely put them in your store!!! Great job.

  2. Those are just lovely! Such a great idea.

  3. How fabulous! I would buy them…

  4. I’m so glad to know that you guys like them. Thanks so much for your supportive comments!

  5. Thankyou for your kind comments regarding the flower card that I made the other day 🙂 and your absolutely right, there is just something about flowers and cards.

    I love these cards that you have made, minimalistic but they create the desired effect… stunning.

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