Make-Your-Own Paint Chip Business Card Holder

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paint chip business card holder

My company just got new business cards printed a couple weeks ago. Since one of my co-workers was recently let go, his whole batch of business cards is going to go to waste. With that in mind, I spent a little time searching the web for useful ways to recycle business cards.

I didn’t find many ideas worth pursuing beyond the obvious – using them for short grocery lists or to jot down notes. There was one interesting page on how to make a business card cube, complete with links to photos and templates. My favorite idea, however, didn’t use recycled business cards, but recycled paint chips.

Apparently someone at designverb came up with this cool idea for a paint chip card holder. It seems fairly straightforward and he also supplies a template and several photos. I wish I had seen this before I threw out all of our old paint chips!

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