Playtime with Grandma Sandy


We were so happy to have Grandma Sandy visit us from Colorado this week! It was like one big play time for Chloe and practically a mini-vacation for David and I. We’re sure sorry to see her go.

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4 thoughts on “Playtime with Grandma Sandy

  1. Hi. I found you by googling Pay It Forward (Craft It Forward) and discovered that in July of 2007 was when you participated. Can you believe it is still going? I am a new participant in it but did participate in OWOH this year.

    Congratulations on the new blog site and the baby. It is challenging being a mom, isn’t it? But so great too.

    I’ll be back from time to time to have a look and see what you are up to.

  2. Grandma time is the best!!! I am sure you all had a fabulous week it is so nice to have that level of support. I miss my mom already and she only left yesterday. Chloe is getting sooooo big! I better make it down soon!

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