Drawing on other people's creativity


“Treehouses” limited edition cards (photo and design from Kirin & Co)

I was thinking today that I should feature other people’s designs more often, especially the ones that really strike me as particularly beautiful, creative, cool or otherwise inspiring. Since I can’t afford to buy anything right now (see this post if you’re wondering why), I thought it would be like “window shopping” using my monitor… or maybe it would be more like curating my own imagined shop? Plus, I’m really hoping to motivate myself to begin at least one of the projects that have been sitting in the back of my mind.

One of my very recent favorite finds is the letterpressed card shown above, a collaboration between Lara Cameron, an Australian designer, and Lynn Russel of Satsuma Press, based right here in Portland. There are a set of three designs: treehouses (above), japanese tree, and birch. According to Lara’s Etsy shop, each card is letterpress printed with a vandercook sp-15 on crane’s 100% cotton lettra paper with hand mixed inks. However, if you live in the US you’d save on postage by purchasing from Lynn’s shop. I love the single use of color, the mixture of thin lines and solid shapes, and especially the little details.

“Japanese Tree” limited edition letterpressed cards (photo and design from Kirin & Co)

“Birch” limited edition letterpressed cards (photo and design from Kirin & Co)
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4 thoughts on “Drawing on other people's creativity

  1. Oh wow, thanks so much for this!! Such lovely, kind words too! xo

  2. Hi Emily,

    I’m so excited to have found your blog (thanks for the comment on mine!). I started my career with a degree in graphic design, and I find a lot of designers approach the world in a similar curious fashion.

    Your life sounds quite similar to what mine was like in Austin before we moved to Auckland. I’m astounded by your beautiful photographs, they remind me of family vacations with my parents to the Pacific Northwest… I would truly love to live there someday. We actually visited Portland a few years back to buy a letterpress- my loyal husband helped me pack it up and airfreight it home! Nearly gave myself carpal tunnel trying to print on it, so now it resides with someone else.

    You show the beauty of life in a way few can. Keep it up, I’ll be reading!

  3. gorgeous card designs – and i just love the colours. beautiful, aren’t they? thanks for the comment, too. 🙂

  4. I just happened to buy some last month…
    If you send me your address, I’ll be glad to send you a little surprise. =)

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