"Stranger than Fiction" Movie + Infographics


It is very unusual for David and I to find a movie that we both enjoy, but we recently netflixed Stranger than Fiction, which falls into that rare category. It is a comedy/drama about a lonely IRS agent (Will Ferrell) who starts to hear a voice narrating in his head. Turns out the voice belongs to eccentric novelist Karen Eiffel (played by Emma Thompson) who is on the verge of killing him off, not realizing her main character is real. Other supporting roles are played by the ever charming Maggie Gyllenhaal (the love interest), Dustin Hoffman (a professor who Harold goes to for advice), and Queen Latifah (who plays Karen’s writing assistant). The film’s unique storyline is artistic, dramatic, funny, poignant, revealing and classic.

Picture clipping of two frames out of the animated opening credits sequence (see video, below)

Picture clippings during the introduction of the main character (see video, below)

Beyond the story, however, is a very well done method of info graphics that was pretty intriguing. I don’t know why, but there is no hint of it in the trailer, so it came as a surprise while we were watching. David did a little online research and found the info graphics were done by MK12. Their site is definitely worth checking out because they’ve done some wildly cool design and animation. David also came across the blog infosthetics.com, who also posts about this subject.

I suggest watching the trailer before watching the opening sequence below, just so there is a better understanding of the film.

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6 thoughts on “"Stranger than Fiction" Movie + Infographics

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  2. Wow, thanks so much for that. Very cool stuff, and now I feel compelled to see that movie!

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  4. Just saw the movie and totally agree with you about the infographics. It was a unexpected pleasant surprise to see while watching the movie! I must have hit the rewind button 10 times in a row to watch just the opening sequence for the graphics.

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  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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