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Recently Patti left a comment asking what we did for birth announcements. I was embarrassed to admit that although we took the time to design our own, we never took the time to got them printed. Sad. Instead, we copped out and included a photo of our new family in our Christmas cards.

Etiquette experts generally say that sending a birth announcement up to 3 months afterward is fine, but I feel kind of weird doing it now. But if I did, and didn’t go with my own design, I’d love to use one of these online birth announcement sites:

Tiny Prints
They’ve gotten a lot of press lately, but they sure have some cute designs. I’ve seen several printed examples, including a holiday card, this birth announcement and my own baby shower invite (thanks Greta!), which all looked really nice. The branches with pink blossoms design below was the inspiration for the painting that Grandma Sandy painted on the wall in Chloe’s nursery.

I first learned about Minted via the Project Nursery Blog. Back when Chloe was born they were running a 10% off special, except there weren’t any designs that David and I could agree on. They have gorgeous letterpressed wedding invites and even offer professional calligraphy.


Metro Baby Cards
I would say their tagline “Modern. Funky. Unique.” is pretty apt. I love that they offer coordinating return address labels. Their personalized baby Thank You cards are worth a look, and they also have birthday, baptism, holiday and shower cards.


Updated 12/05/2009 to add: Paperculture

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6 thoughts on “Modern Birth Announcements

  1. Oh I love these, but hate to admit that I never sent out announcements, I used the new fashioned email system. So sad since I love paper and mail so much. If there is ever a next time, I will do it for sure.

  2. Yeah, we sent out a mass email, too, which included a newborn photo. I guess that is another reason why we just didn’t go through with it, thinking that most everyone already knows after that. 🙂

  3. Emily- Thanks for finding all the great web sites. I don’t know if I will send out birth announcements or not but it gives me a good place to start. I may order a small number to mail to my older relatives that don’t use the computer very much (or at all). Otherwise it will be a mass e-mailing for me as well.

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  6. Here are the instructions on how to make the baby card: Score and fold 3″ x 6″ white cardstock in half. Add sticker seals to front of card and trim off excess. Wrap both ribbons around top of card and knot. Add sticker letters to card. Have fun scrapping 🙂

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