Amazing DIY Dressers

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I am always amazed when people are able to take an old, ugly or plain piece of furniture and re-purpose or refinish it into something new. David did a great job on our bedroom dresser and side table, turning it from a beat-up honey, to a smooth and modern walnut. These are a few other examples that really wow me:

This is the Decades, No. 1 chest of drawers by Wis Design. I wish I owned this gorgeous masterpiece. Their web site describes the project as a “Chest of drawers made out of discarded drawers, found and rescued from flea markets. A mix of different styles from earlier decades, with woods and knobs of various kinds, in a single piece of furniture. The old drawers are enhanced by the new frame in white lacquered MDF.” Check out their web site for the other 4 versions.



One very enterprising DIYer re-purposed this dresser for his son’s nursery. He was given the dresser as a gift, and decided to turn it into a modern dresser/changing table. Very impressive. Via Apartment Therapy.

And lastly, I really dig this stenciled dresser by Lena Corwin, author of the book Printing by Hand. You can check out her process and tutorial on the Etsy blog.

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