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Helvetica Film

David and I saw a screening of the documentary film Helvetica at the Hollywood Theatre this weekend, complete with a Q&A afterwards with director Gary Hustwit. Pretty darn good. I would recommend it to all type and graphic designers. Even though I’ve attended lectures by design greats like Stefan Sagmiester and David Carson in the past, to see other legends like Massimo Vignelli, Herman Zapf, Michael Bierut and Neville Brody speak on film was pretty interesting.

When we first arrived at the ticket table before the movie to have our hands stamped, we were offered a choice of a white “I love helvetica” button (David) or a black “I hate helvetica” button (me). After the film, I found that I actually didn’t hate it after all. My dislike stemmed from its overuse, not of the typeface itself. I wonder if it’s going to have a revival now (not that it needs one).

A list of upcoming screenings can be found here. Plus you can submit your own opinion at Veer’s (a sponsor of the movie) Helvetica love/hate contest.

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