Favorite Stuffed Toys


I may be in my early thirties, but the occasional unique, alternative, and stuffed variety of toy can still make me smile.

Rosa Pomar Doll

Handmade one-of-a-kind dolls by Rosa Pomar

I remember when ugly dolls first came out. I thought they were way cool, and my husband bought me the character Jeero, which I still have. Then for a while I was really into the handmade dolls from Portuguese artist Rosa Pomar, which I haven’t yet bought, but consider every once in a while. There is something about their vibrant patterns, colors and texture that really appeals to me.

ugly dolls

Ugly dolls (Jeero is at the top center)

This month, Dwell magazine introduced to me to another darling set of handmade toys. These are by La Maison de Lola, and are a collection of soft “creatures” by a young Portuguese couple that are hand-sewn from wool fabric and felt and stuffed with duck feathers. My favorite is Mr. Grizzly, followed closely by Mr. Bunny and Mr. Ape. They are just so adorable!

Mr Grizzly La Maison de Lola

Mr Bunny La Maison de Lola

Mr Ape La Maison de Lola

Three “creatures” from the La Maison de Lola collection
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  2. Cool! I like the odd “personalities” of stuffies like this too, and wish I had the talent to create some of my own.

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