French Sugar + Design = CAN À SUC


sugar puzzle pieces

I was recently given the neatest gift. Along with a pair of nice porcelain espresso cups with matching saucers, I also received an exquisite box of CAN À SUC, sugar cubes from France that are pressed in the shape of puzzle pieces that actually fit together. And for the particularly discerning connoisseur, they come in white, golden and dark brown. Sweet!

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3 thoughts on “French Sugar + Design = CAN À SUC

  1. OMG those look DELICIOUS…of course, I would just eat them. Who needs to ruin perfect sugar with tea or coffee?? 😉

  2. NO WAY!!! that is AWESOME!! what a fun concept… damn. wish i thought of it. ;p

  3. I’m having some difficulty navigating their site…it COULD be because I read only English! I’d like to order, do you know how?

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