At the Saturday Farmer's Market


We met some friends at the Beaverton farmer’s market this morning and left with a whole basket of goodies to last the week – strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, zucchini, fava beans, potatoes, walla walla onions and a jar of “smokin’ margarita” bbq cooking jelly – all fresh, local and mostly organic. Plus, we couldn’t resist munching on a piece of warm, golden-brown fry bread dusted with cinnamon sugar and honey.

I just love the farmer’s market. All those colorful, local veggies and interesting plants and homegrown goods. So many friendly people, all out enjoying the morning, all wanting to eat healthy and support their local economy. The prices are reasonable, too, but watch out for the corn. It’s double what it usually costs, all because of the rising demand for corn-based products like ethanol.

I’ve noticed that its becoming rarer to see hand-lettered signs. Vendors seem to be getting rid of them in favor of vinyl booth banners and computer print-outs. It’s too bad because there is just no charm in those. So I recorded some for posterity with my camera.

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4 thoughts on “At the Saturday Farmer's Market

  1. Great pictures. It looks like you had fun. You probably got lots of good food too.

    I love the name of your site and your header. Nice site.

  2. Thanks Jolynna, I wish I were as lucky as you to have fruit trees. We have raspberries that did well this year and grapes that are out of control, but no fruit trees. The farmer’s market is great, but growing your own is even better!


  3. We have a stellar farmer’s market on the capitol square every Saturday morning here, and it is my favorite thing to do in the summer!

  4. love the photos! thanks for taking pics of the signs. totally agree, they should keep doing handwritten signs. stupid technology. ;p heheee. i LOVE your shots of the tomatoes and raspberries. preeettteee colors.

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