Isak Posters for the Nursery

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I finally decided to buy a set of posters I’ve been eyeing for months. If we’d had a boy, I would have totally done his room up using these colors as inspiration. However, they’ll still look great in Chloe’s room.

I first saw one of Sandra Isaksson’s 123 posters in an issue of LMNOP (a fun quarterly kids pdf magazine) and was drawn to it instantly. Then I looked up her other work and now she is one of my favorite designers. And check out this sweet “All About Baby” book! Is it silly to have two baby books?

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One thought on “Isak Posters for the Nursery

  1. Lovely posters, I like them a lot. Once I made something similar for a Valentine’s day postcard, it was just a bit more colorful.

    I don’t think it is silly having more than just one baby book. My ex-husband had two and each of them told a story of its own.

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