My First Two Etsy Sales!


Hooray! We just sold our first two recycled bird houses on Etsy this weekend! I’m so excited! Hopefully we’ll have time this next weekend to make more. The only down-side is that it costs almost twice as much to ship than I expected, plus we have to buy boxes and packing supplies. I wonder what my recycled options are? I guess this goes to show how important it is to do this kind of research in advance!

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3 thoughts on “My First Two Etsy Sales!

  1. Looks brilliant. If you could find some wooden board cut offs around new houses you could use those to make more.
    I love the hinged roof you have used.
    Putting bird houses in the garden like these attracts all sorts of species to come and stay.
    Just as a suggestion, have you considered putting something at the entrance that the bird can land on?

  2. Thanks for your comment Pahrens!

    Now that we know there is interest in our bird houses we hope to be more resourceful in finding additional wood.

    I appreciate your suggestion on adding a perch. Before listing the houses on Etsy, we did quite a bit of research (and built several prototypes) before deciding on two final models. What we found in our research was that the particular birds that these models are built for don’t need a perch, and having one only encourages predators. Turns out it’s more important to have the correct size entry hole. However, I’m always open to suggestions for improvement!

  3. Very interesting, a perch probably isn’t such a good idea then. You have obviously put plenty of thought into the design.
    By the way I love your sites heading picture, it looks great. I have been playing around with a design for my own but I don’t like it anymore after seeing yours.

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