Lotta Jansdotter Tissue Box Covers

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Lotta Jansdotter Pollino Tissue Box Covers

Finally! I have been waiting so long for these tissue box covers to come back in stock. I know, it sounds a little insane to be excited about something so seemingly boring, but these are like functional works of art – much nicer than those ugly cardboard tissue boxes with their out-dated graphics. I couldn’t decide which color I liked better, the brown or the green, so I went nuts and bought both. At $32 a piece, they are so not cheap. The real stinger is that they used to sell for $26, but I guess due to popularity and demand someone decided to up the price. I briefly considered waiting until they were back in stock at Greener Grass where they’re still marked the original price, but I’m tired of checking back.

The first time I saw these covers in person was at Relish. I remember thinking how I would never pay that much and that I could probably make one for a fraction of the price. So I tried it. Yep, despite not knowing how to sew I went out and bought a yard of heather grey wool felt (because when felt is cut, the edges don’t unravel, so you don’t have to bother finishing them if you don’t want to) and gave it a shot. It actually didn’t turn out too bad, until that is, I decided to cut into the sides to do a layered felt/embroidery design and completely messed it up. Bummer. I would have saved myself a lot of time and hassle if I had just bought the thing in the first place.

I’ve been seeing a lotta (ooo, I shouldn’t have!) Lotta Jansdotter items around lately, even at New Seasons, my local grocery store. Her refreshingly natural, abstract designs and useful home accessories are a welcome change in a world of often ignored everyday items (like tissue boxes!).

Afterward: The covers have arrived and they look great! I’ve found that because we use the Costco-sized packs of 300ct. Kleenex, the boxes are too tall to fit the covers properly. So I cut the box top off about a third of the way down, which allows the velcro strips to close. Also, with the brown color, little white tissue flecks tend to build up over time, which you don’t notice as much with the lighter green color.

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