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A Rare Sighting of a Messerschmitt MicroCar

Messerschmitt Micro Car

What the hell is this? I wish I had stopped and asked the guy what you call this thing. All I know is that it’s AWESOME. I saw it on the way to the coffee shop with my boss this afternoon and luckily I had my camera with me. The sign taped to the window says that it’s not for sale and to please not touch it. If it was just sitting there with no driver I would have wanted to touch it, too!

After seeing the above photo my co-worker Anne found out (with some help, she admits) that this is called a Messerschmitt, a German car made in the late 1950s. She said there are only 21 of these babies left. Here’s a link she sent with more information from the MicroCar Museum.

(This photo was originally posted only as a “Daily Photo,” but I felt its coolness factor deserved a permanent post all its own. The larger image can be viewed in my Flickr photostream.)

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Daily Photo

Barkley Dog

For the month of May I’m planning on posting a different photo each day. Just follow the link above called Daily Photo in the nav bar, next to About. Considering my husband is camera shy, that pretty much leaves a lot of pictures of my dog, who also doesn’t like to cooperate in front of the camera. Too bad for him that we have a really small house and there are only so many places he can hide…

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